Solutions for modern power systems

The inclusion of renewables has to go hand-in-hand with the development of new tools. We help you close this gap.

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Computational tools

Development of innovative algorithms

Algorithms don't have to be slow, inefficient nor tedious to use and implement. Our refined approach towards computer programs produces fast, accurate and well-written pieces of software that are extremely handy to solve both repetitive tasks and the hardest and most complex problems.

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Analysis of modern grids

Power converters studies

In today's world we are seeing an exponential increase in the use of power converters. In spite of this, the electrical grids are not updating nearly as fast. Our analysis are able to detect contingencies and potential faults. We can make your electrical grid more resilient.

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Consultancy services

Tailor-made studies

Every system is unique. Both our tools and expertise allow us to deliver accurate reports that explain the state of your system, its strengths and weaknesses, and the potential most-effective future improvements. Our consultancy services are fostered on constant communication with the client that lead to direct and impressive results. Our former successful projects avail us.

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Consultancy services

Power systems renewable integration

eRoots Analytics has developed state of the art tools to support integration of renewable energy grids into the Power System. Our team has been involved in a wide variety of grid integration consultancy projects on large scale solar PV power plants, offshore and onshore wind power plants. The solutions offered by eRoots Analytics include:

  • Power flow and fault analysis.
  • Dynamic modeling and simulation.
  • Electrical engineering solutions in renewable power plants.
  • Electrical installation design and sizing.
  • AC and DC collection systems studies.
  • Short-circuit calculations.
  • Grid-code compliance studies.
  • Modeling and simulation using different software platforms.
  • Converter control settings analysis.
  • Power plant controller analysis and development.
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Consultancy services

Stability and dynamic analysis of modern power systems

eRoots Analytics has a solid track record with dynamic analysis of modern power systems employing state-of-the-art tools and simulations. Renewable generation, FACTS or HVDC systems are different instances of the gradual introduction of power electronics components into the electrical grid. The increasing prevalence of such power electronics components are introducing new dynamic and stability phenomena into the Power Network, which must be analysed with the specific know-how that only eRoots Analytics can offer. In particular, eRoots provides solutions that include:

  • Development of dynamic electrical grid models with the most common software packages.
  • Small-signal analysis based on eigenvalues and participation factors to identify interactions and instabilities.
  • Transient stability analysis based on EMT and RMS dynamic models.
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Consultancy services

HVDC and FACTS systems

The eRoots Analytics team has a long history supporting industrial players on specific HVDC and FACTS applications such offshore wind integration via HVDC connections. We can help our partners in topics such as:

  • Design and sizing of HVDC links and FACTS for different applications.
  • Design of power converters for HVDC and FACTS applications - Modular Multilevel Converter design and control for HVDC and FACTS applications.
  • HVDC links, multi-terminal and meshed networks control design - Interaction and stability analysis involving HVDC and FACTS converters.
  • EMT and phasor-based simulations of modern power systems involving HVDC and FACTS devices.
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Consultancy services

Expansion planning for islanded systems

eRoots Analytics has developed a strong experience on grid analysis and planification of electrical islands with renewable energies. These cases are characterized by the challenging technical requirements related to introduce renewable energies generation, while also ensuring power quality at reasonable cost. The electrical islands with which the eRoots Analytics team is experienced can include remote electrical systems, geographical islands or even artificial islands created as energy hubs. The solutions offered include:

  • Power flow and fault analysis
  • Dynamic modeling and simulation
  • Identification of vulnerable network nodes and lines
  • Optimization based battery sizing and location
  • Recommendations on grid upgrades and grid investments
  • Considerations on system resiliency
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Consultancy services

Hydrogen modelling and converter control

Hydrogen comes out as a promising energy vector due to its versatility, clean combustion, and possibility to act as an energy storage resource. Electrolysis is a process that consists of using electricity to produce hydrogen from water. This kind of process requires the installation of a power converter, usually based on regular thyristors or IGBTs, to offer controllability. eRoots specializes on developing the models and control schemes for such devices. :

  • Electrolyser modelling
  • Grid-following and grid-forming control schemes
  • Control tuning based on the process requirement
  • Creation of STATCOM models
  • Addition of DC/DC converters
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Our main services

eRoots offers a three-dimensional service: consultancy, software development, and research support.



We are able to tackle a variaty of projects thanks to our expertise in both static and dynamic systems. Our knowledge and cutting-edge tools allow us to effectively solve your hardest problems.

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Software development

Software tools are paramount for the proper analysis and operation of the grids of today. We offer fast custom programs and algorithms with high precision and low requirements of detailed information.

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Research support

We come from an academic background, with numerous scientific papers and publications authored by our team. We are always open for new collaborations and to support you throughout the scientific process.

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