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Our refined approach towards grid management produces fast, accurate, and efficient solutions for your most complex problems, with professional support and industry expertise.

Advanced analysis services

Static and dynamic power system modeling

eRoots Analytics can leverage its extensive experience to develop and analyze models for various power system components and for full grid models. Our proficiency spans across leading power system software platforms such as PSCAD, PowerFactory, and Simulink.

Our key activities include:

  • Development of static and dynamic electrical grid and component models with existing power system software
  • Development of tools to automate simulations in existing power system software
  • Analysis of transient stability based on EMT and RMS dynamic models on small and large systems
  • Integration of .dll files within new or existing models
  • Grid code simulation studies
  • Electrolyzer modelling

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Supporting emergent technologies

Renewables and hydrogen integration

eRoots Analytics has developed state of the art tools to support integration of renewable energy and hydrogen into the power system. Our team has been involved in a wide variety of grid integration consultancy projects on large scale solar PV power plants, offshore and onshore wind power plants. The solutions offered by eRoots Analytics include:

  • Development of tools for integration of renewable power plants and hydrogen
  • Electrical installation design and sizing
  • AC and DC collection system studies
  • Short-circuit calculations
  • Grid-code compliance studies
  • Small-signal stability analysis based on eigenvalues and participation factors to identify interactions and instabilities
  • Plant and converter controller analysis and development

Specialized technical support

HVDC and FACTS systems

The eRoots Analytics team has a long history supporting industrial players on specific HVDC and FACTS applications such offshore wind integration via HVDC connections. We can help our partners in topics such as:

  • Design and sizing of HVDC links and FACTS for different applications.
  • Design of power converters for HVDC and FACTS applications - Modular Multilevel Converter design and control for HVDC and FACTS applications.
  • HVDC links, multi-terminal and meshed networks control design - Interaction and stability analysis involving HVDC and FACTS converters.
  • EMT and phasor-based simulations of modern power systems involving HVDC and FACTS devices.

Experience with unique challenges

Expansion planning for islanded systems

eRoots Analytics has developed a strong experience on grid analysis and planification of electrical islands with renewable energies. These cases are characterized by the challenging technical requirements related to introduce renewable energies generation, while also ensuring power quality at reasonable cost. The electrical islands with which the eRoots Analytics team is experienced can include remote electrical systems, geographical islands or even artificial islands created as energy hubs. The solutions offered include:


  • Power flow and fault analysis
  • Dynamic modeling and simulation
  • Identification of vulnerable network nodes and lines
  • Optimization based battery sizing and location
  • Recommendations on grid upgrades and grid investments
  • Considerations on system resiliency

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eRoots is actively engaged in providing software development and consulting services in topics related to modern power systems. If you have an idea, reach out to us and let us help you make it a reality.

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